I will give thanks to Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Thy works, and my soul knows it very well. Psalm 139:14

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Shootin Hoops

That's how Calvin spends all of his time lately.  There is always a basketball in his hands.  I can't lie to you...it can be annoying.  The constant
of the dribbling.  But, I know this is how a star is built.  And he is certainly a star in my eyes.
He has had two tournaments this winter and we have two more the next two weekends.  During the first tournament he scored three baskets!  In one of their games he scored two-thirds of the teams points!!  You're trying to do the math on that one aren't you?  The sad news on that:  his team only scored six points.  The good news on that:  Calvin scored four of them!  We told him when he's telling that story...just stick to the first part.  Two-thirds of the points.  End of story.
Here he is last weekend.  Warming up at half-time.  See that kid airborne under the basket?  That's my boy.

Put it in #24!

One of the three cutest fans at the game...the birthday girl.  At one point a couple sitting behind us tapped me and said, "Your daughter looks exactly like an American Girl doll".  Is this not one of the highest compliments you could receive?!

The other two of the three cutest fans.  Nathan is not a big fan of the noise from the buzzers and all the basketballs, so he wore headphones this time and it was great!  He was a happy boy.  Calvin also had both Grandmas and Grandpas,  Marc's Grandma, and friends Kevin and Kari in the crowd.  He felt VERY special.

Here is my tired, sweaty superstar after playing three games in a row.  Boy did he sleep hard that afternoon.

His team took third place!

Smile, Calvin!  You just won a medal!

The team.  What a bunch of cool dudes huh?  (Did that sound momish?)

I absolutely love this picture because Calvin missed the memo about the jumping.

We are having so much fun being basketball parents.  I don't know if this is weird, but I am exhausted after the games.  I'm not sure what will happen as he gets older.  I'm in trouble.  This boy is a sports lover.  Whatever sport he happens to be in is his favorite sport in the world.  Tonight he said, "Mom, basketball is my all time favorite sport.  It always will be." 
Until baseball season. 
It's so awesome to watch someone you love doing something he loves.
Stay tuned for this weekend's tournament update.  UNCLE JOHN is coming and Calvin could not be more excited.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My Birthday Girl!

On Saturday, this tiny girl...
turned 4! 
I just can't believe it.  It seems like yesterday I was meeting her for the first time and I was SO in love.
My little girl.  After growing up with 3 brothers and having two boys I was thrilled to meet this tiny pink peanut.
She has been just as much fun and I knew she would be.  She is all girl, with just the right amount of feistiness.  She is beautiful and funny, sweet and a little sassy, and she makes every day more fun.
She said to Nana a couple days before her birthday, "Someone is turning 4 in a couple days and I'll give you one guess!"
The night before her birthday we had a little party.  Grandma and Grandpa came and brought GG (Marc's Grandma) and Papa and Nana were here.  She absolutely loved being the center of attention.  She played it very cool and acted like she had turned 4 a dozen times.

Pascal was a favorite present...

She had been asking for a princess scooter for a LONG time.

Nathan, always the giver, wanted to help Jilly by pretending to rain on her umbrella.
She got princess shoes (3 pairs) and had to go put on her dress to see how they looked.

Appropriately, Nathan and Papa got the job of putting together the scooter.  Perfect guys for the job.

Nana and Jillian made her cake together.  She opted for pink cake with purple frosting.  Not something the boys have ever chosen.

SHE thought it was fabulous.

It's always entertaining to watch Nathan eat cake...

They could have been twins don't you think?  Wow.

My sweet handsome boys.

Here she is in bed after the party while she was still three.  I told her I needed to remember what she looked like when she was still little.  Be still my heart...

And here she is at Calvin's tournament the next day as a big four year old!  Doesn't she look older and wiser?  In the car that day she looked down and said, "Mom, even my hands are bigger today!" 
 Oh, my sweet baby.  I really want you to stay tiny, but I love watching you grow up!  You still suck your thumb and sleep with your taggie and I love that.  But, you have gotten sweeter and funnier with each age and I just love every single day with you.  God knew exactly what he was doing when he put us together because you are the perfect girl for me. 
Happy Birthday, my princess.