I will give thanks to Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Thy works, and my soul knows it very well. Psalm 139:14

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Presidents Weekend to Remember

I have no valid excuse for taking the last 3 months off from blogging.  Not one I can think of anyway.  SO...I'll just dive back in the best I can!
This year, at the last minute, we decided we needed to do something special for Presidents Weekend.  We wanted to get out of town and have some FUN.  Where else to do that but a water park?!  We went to Arrowwood in Alexandria.  We had been there two years ago, but Jillian didn't come along that time.  She was SUPER excited to join us this time.  We didn't tell the boys we were going and just picked them up from school and took off.  They were thrilled when they discovered we weren't going home for another weekend of all the same things, but instead were off on an adventure!

Jillian had absolutely NO fear. From the moment we walked in she was all over the place. She was a little disappointed that she was too short to go down the BIG slides, but it was okay.

"Take my picture under the water, Mom!"

Marc and Calvin spent a lot of time shooting hoops!

Nathan coming out of the tube slide.....

...and continuing on the lazy river.

Here he is heading towards the car wash...as he calls it.

Jilly always started out sitting up like she was supposed to, but that slide just whipped her around!  She loved it!

Calvin flyin out of that slide!


There were three big slides.  The tube slide that we could go down on single tubes or double tubes, and then two slides you went down without a tube.  The last time we were there I found out the two plunge slides were completely in the dark and I had NO desire to try them.  Therefore I didn't have my kids do it either.  Neither one of them really asked.  This time Nathan wanted to try one and I said, "Nathan, those slides are dark the whole time, "...I'm a bit of a worrier.  Nathan replied, "I don't care!  I love the dark!"  He went right up there and loved it!  So...I had to try it.  Can't let my kids be that much tougher than me.  I didn't love it...at all....but both boys did!  They were crazy!
We had such a fun time.  Swimming and playing until we couldn't take it anymore.  Then popcorn and vending machine snacks in the hotel room and a trip to the arcade.  It was an awesome break from the long long winter. 
And a great way to re-enter the blogging world!