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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy 9 years and 6 weeks Birthday, Calvin!

You celebrate those right?  Well...when it's the end of the school year for mom and kids and you're trying to fit in writing a blog post...you celebrate those.
We did celebrate his actual birthday on time.  I promise.
Now, just because I like to look back at old pictures, let's look at this cute boy when he was my first born adorable baby.

 A classic.  One of my favorite pictures ever.

 Calvin was a jolly baby and a jolly toddler.  He has always been so loving and happy.  It is just a delight to be his mama.
Now, he's not so little, but he is still so much fun.  He loves to laugh, does a fantastic British accent, and takes care of everyone around him.  He's very sensitive and does his best to make sure everyone is happy.  (Yes, he has his moments where he teases his brother and sister.  He's normal.)  He is learning lately what it really means to love Jesus and I see him put it into play in his everyday life at school and at home.  I'm so thankful for that.  And for him.

Nana made the basketball cake.  She's good huh?

 Pitching for the first time in a game.  He loved it!  As he loves everything about baseball.  So much so that he recently had this done...

He and Daddy went fishing tonight and he caught his very first walleye!  So exciting.  


 This boy is amazing for so many reasons.  And not just because he's my baby.  He is growing up so fast and I just can't wait to see all he does and all he becomes.  We love you, Cal!

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  1. So hard to believe your school year is done! I feel like we were just chatting in the lodge about your new job! :)

    Love his baseball hair :) Happy Birthday Calvin!!!