I will give thanks to Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Thy works, and my soul knows it very well. Psalm 139:14

Friday, May 25, 2012


Yesterday when Nathan got home from school he didn't have much to say about his day.  This is usually the case.  The information comes out slowly throughout the night.  At about 5:00 he walked by me in the living room and said, "Hey Mom, want to see what I learned in gym?"  He then proceeded to skip around the house.  I about died.  I immediately got tears in my eyes.  I'll tell you, the blessing in having a child with low muscle tone is that the milestones are SO much sweeter. 

And THIS my friends is the sweetest skipping you will ever see.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Weekend....So Far...

Thursday night Calvin fell asleep with a lot on his mind.  We bought a boat this year, so Daddy and the boys were planning their first fishing outing for Friday after school.

Two excited little boys!

This excited little girl was going out for appetizers with Mommy and a couple friends.

Nathan was a big help hooking up the trailer...I'm sure.

Today we went out to the resort for the day and the kids had their first fryer food of the season.  Not necessarily something we should be celebrating, but kind of fun anyway.

Nathan helped Papa make the new docks for the beach area.

Kids play hard at the resort, so the ones we had with us on the way home went right to sleep.   

Calvin got to stay all night with Papa and Nana. All of my kids would live out there in the summer time if we gave them the chance....their Mommy and Daddy probably would too.  Nothin beats resort living!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wheels Night

Wheels night is hands down one of our favorite nights of the year.  Our local ECFE puts it on every year, and we've been going since Calvin was a toddler.  I'd have to say....Nathan gets the most excited.  He's just my vehicle kid.  He enjoys everything about them....EXCEPT the horns.  When some kid climbs into a snow plow and blows the air horn Nathan is not amused.  The rest of it he loves.  I'll just let the pictures tell the story here.

Why are the boys so excited about a school bus when they ride one every day?  It's wheels night...that's just what you do.

When we were finishing up, Calvin and Jillian wanted to go to the playground.  I sent them over and started looking for Nathan.  Somehow I had lost track of him.  Where did I find him?  In the back of a police car.  

Calvin is distraught over being caught.

Just throwin it out there, but I sort of feel like Nathan is the reason they got arrested here.

When Nathan was sitting in the back of the police car his preschool teacher from last year walked over and said, "Nathan, what happened...why are you in the backseat of this car?"  Nathan got that famous excited look on his face and yelled, "I did crimes!"

Yeah for Wheels Night!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dance the Night Away...

A couple weeks ago we attended the wedding of one of our favorite people.  Lauren was our babysitter for several years, but she'll always be special to us.  Our visits with her now are few and far between, so we settle for hanging out with her parents in church on Sundays.  They're pretty cool too. (:

It was a must to take a family picture since we were all dressed up.

When the ceremony was over Nathan walked up to every bridesmaid (he knew NONE of them) and asked them if they would dance with him at the party.  They of course said yes, so he would walk away saying, "Okay...come find me at the dance!"  If this kid is not his father...

He literally made the rounds at the dance.  Every time we looked up he was with someone else.


And finally a couple shots with the bride.  Jillian thought Lauren looked just like a princess.

We love you, Lauren, and we are so happy for you and Scott. 
Thanks for letting us share your special day with you!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mom

My mom and I spend a great deal of time together.  Just ask my husband...or my dad...or my brothers...you get the point.  Even though we spend all this time together, I couldn't find a recent picture of us together.  How sad is that?  So...I had to settle for one of her and Jillian.  Everyone says Jillly looks just like me anyway, so I figure that's close enough.

It's hard for me to even put into words what my mom means to me.  She is my best friend.  I truly love spending time with her.  We don't even have to be doing anything exciting.  Some of my favorite times are when we're just hanging out with my kids laughing at their silliness.  Today Calvin was making his baseball calls like an umpire and we were cracking up.  She loves my kids like crazy, and more than that...she GETS them.  She gets Nathan.  Just like I do.  I love that about her.

My mom can always recognize when I'm having a tough week or when I need a break and she'll take a kid or two...or three home with her for the night. 

She's been known to just stop by with some fun things she found at the grocery store or Target that she just thought we'd like.  How fun is that? 

I love watching my mom continue to grow as a Mom and a Grandma.  The last several years she has really grown in her faith and I love that she wants to share God's love with her grandkids and her kids.  It's not always easy, but she looks for ways to make it happen.  And most importantly she prays for all of us without stopping.  Pretty cool to know I have someone doing THAT for me.

People are always telling me that I am my mother.  When they say that I am honestly so proud.  My mom is someone that people love to be around.  She's so positive and has a laugh that people always remember.  I could do worse right? 

My kids love their Nana with their WHOLE heart.  As a matter of fact, Jillian told me last week that she wished Nana was her mom.  She was not kidding.  And I can't say I blame her.  All of their faces light up when she walks in the room.  They just never get tired of being with her.  I don't either.

Happy Mother's Day, Mom.  We are SO SO blessed to have you.  We love you!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bears, Bears, Bears!

Last week Calvin was fortunate to be part of quite the production!  The second graders at his school always do a musical, and this was the 30th consecutive year!  It's a pretty big deal attended by many students around the district and community, and of course lots of parents.  Calvin was so excited when he was given a major speaking part.  The play was about a group of scouts who go out and study bears...Calvin did an awesome job playing Boy Scout number 2.  Marc and I were so proud - as you can imagine.  Calvin spoke so clearly...it was very easy to understand him.  And he got every line perfectly...with expression.  I think that's impressive for a 2nd grader.  Of course, I'm a bit biased, but impressive none the less...no?

Saying some lines...Boy Scout #1 was much taller than he was!

Heading into their tent for the night

Singing with the whole group.  When they talked about Spectacled Bears they all put spectacles on!

As you can see by his face, he was really excited to ride in on a snowmobile for one scene.

Smokey the Bear!  This was Nathan's favorite part!

The scouts all shook hands with Smokey after they promised to be responsible in the forest.

Roasting marshmallows and hot dogs.

The final singing number where the four scouts and a bear did a little dance.

My cute little actor.  Marc and I both agreed we were so surprised that this was kind of his "thing".  Neither one of us would have thought this would be the case.  He was awesome though....kind of a natural.  It's amazing how we continue to learn things about our kids all the time.  It's so much fun.  What a blessing to get to parent these little people and learn about them as we go!

Way to go Calvin!